BorikenSpharad Ladino Music Project 



For the last 10 years Soprano Arleen Ramirez has been researching the Judeo- Spanish heritage and its cultural influence over Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  Through her historical research journey she has been able to to make fascinating discoveries and personal connections that have led her to create the BorikenSpharad Ladino Music Project.  A musical project devoted to preserve the Ladino language and to educate people about the Hispanic Sephardic heritage.  BorikenSpharad is a fusion of Sephardi music with Caribbean and Middle Eastern cadences and melodies. 

With her recent single release "Avraham Avinu" Ladino ancient song and its music video, Arleen has captivated the audiences and has established the BorikenSpharad Ladino Music Project as one of incalculable cultural value to the Latin American and Hispanic community and a legacy to the Caribbean Sefardi young genrations.