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BorikenSpharad Ladino Music Project 
A project devoted to the research, restoration, and preservation of the Sephardic cultural heritage
in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Hispano-America; Through the research of the Judeo-Spanish music, better known as Ladino music, and its relationship with the music of the Caribbean and Hispino-America, and its culture.  For the last 10 years, I have been researching the Judeo- Spanish heritage of the Anusim or "forced ones", referring to the Crypto-Jews who settled in the Caribbean, and its cultural influence over this part of the world.  Through my historical research journey, I have been able to make fascinating discoveries and personal connections
that have led me to create the BorikenSpharad Ladino Music Project. 
BorikenSpharad is a fusion of Sephardi music with Caribbean and Middle Eastern cadences and melodies. My recent single release "Avraham Avinu", has captivated the audiences and has established the BorikenSpharad Ladino Music Project as one of incalculable cultural value to the Latin American community
and a legacyto the Caribbean Anusim or Crypto Jews descendants. 

This project has been launched with the valuable collaboration of renown Puerto Rican musicians cuatro player Quique Domenech and virtuoso Spanish Guitar player Pancho Irizarry.  I have been blessed to also have the collaborations of other musicians from Puerto Rico as well as, music collaborations from Cuba, Venezuela, and Israel.   As of today, I am humbled to be the first Puerto Rican to record and research Ladino music.
Currently, I am investigating this topic as part of a doctoral dissertation in Cultural Studies with the
University of Ana G. Mendez of Puerto Rico.  

  If you would like to take part of this project and help me to continue my doctoral investigation, so that I may be able to complete my dissertation and continue to
bring you more valuable historical information and beautiful music, 
you can do so with your kind contribution.
I am very thankful for your support! 



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